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Madden Players' Madden NFL 16 "CIN" Current Gen Defensive Guide
For: Madden NFL 16 on Playstation 3 & Xbox 360
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Based on: CIN Defensive Playbook
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The "CIN" 360/PS3 defensive guide for Madden NFL 16 is here and an answered prayer for any Current Gen Madden players that want to use the best defenses and take it to the next level.

Finding pressure on Madden NFL 16 for Xbox 360 & PS3 has proved to be much harder than finding pressure in the Next Gen systems, which is why there has been such a large deficit in Current Gen madden strategy, but that doesn't mean there isn't any pressure. While the offensive line is seemingly smarter on Current Gen consoles, there are still many ways to get fast, consistent pressure sending only 3-5 players, and that's something that this guide provides.

Run plays are also extremely overpowered on Madden NFL 16 for Xbox 360 and PS3, way more so than in the Next Gen consoles. As tough as it is to stop the run, I've put tremendous effort in finding run defense and include three several very effective run defenses that can blow up the most abused outside and inside runs like the HB Toss and other inside runs. I even show several ways to tweak and use "run commit" in ways that makes your coverage much better than just using a regular "run commit."

And lastly, I also included a coverage defense that also brings pressure with only 3 people rushing, a coverage that is easily adjustable and will help blanket the field while only giving the QB several seconds to make a decision.

The guide also includes blitzing schemes with pressure from left and right, edge pressure, A and B-gap pressure, and double edge/gap pressure.

"CIN" 360/PS3 defensive guide features everything from 4-3: Wide 9, 4-3: Stack, 4-3: Under, 46: Normal, Dime: Normal, and Nickel: Normal.

Learn how to run all of these powerful formations and much more to their maximum capability using all kinds of defensive line, linebacker, and coverage adjustments that will drive your opponents crazy.

"Really nice guide. I was having trouble finding heat and this guide provided heat from left, right, and both edges out of all the formations. There's also B and A-gap heat! Now I can easily adjust to any of my opponent's blocking schemes." — Luke

I know that time is valuable, and that is why this guide will not waste your time with endless paragraphs or long, rambling videos. Everything in the guide is direct and straight to the point so that you can get to playing instead of studying.

With this guide, learning is easier than ever as you can just hit the play button, sit back, and watch as we show you all the minor details of running these schemes in a matter of minutes. On top of that, each play comes with short, typed up steps as well so that you have all the most important information that you need to know when you are in the middle of gameplay.

This is extremely important if you need to look something important up during a match and you don't have much time in between plays.

Now, when you're playing, you have all the knowledge and information that you need at your fingertips by just clicking around in our quick-links system so you won't have to watch a whole video to know what the play is supposed to accomplish.

Originally Posted by Oliver
There's like no tips on defense for current gen this year so I'm really glad you made this. I was having tons of trouble getting heat and stopping the run but these defensive plays you broke down gave me much more than I needed. Thanks for making this!

Originally Posted by Jackman 5
Picked up this guide recently and played 5 games with it and have instantly seen a huge improvement to my defense. I never allowed more than 7 points in any of the games, and was averaging 5 sacks and 3 picks per game. This stuff is really a difference maker. Keep up the good work man.

Types of Defenses Included

3-5 Man Edge and Gap Blitzes

Double Edge/Gap Blitzes that get in even with a TE & RB Blocking

 Several Run Defenses that counter the overpowered Tosses and Inside Runs

 Blanketing Coverage Defense that confuse and cause mistakes

No blitz sends more pass-rushers than there are typical blockers

Easy setups with an average of 3-4 steps per play

Concepts and Features Included

 Updated and fully compatible with the last Madden patch

 Who Should I Control on Defense?

 Who Should I try NOT to Control on Defense?

 Adjusting Your Coverages behind Blitzes

The Most Important Facts about Blitzing in Madden NFL 16

Audible, Depth Chart, & Substitutions Recommendations and Advice

 Guide content works with ANY team

 Each play is fully optimized to its ultimate capabilities

 A "Quick setup" text write-up for each play

Quick-link system to help move around the guide fast when playing

Crystal Clear HD Videos and Voice-overs for each play

 24/7 email support with our lead strategist about Madden NFL 16 strategy

Printer-friendly version of the guide includedᴺᴱᵂ

Schemes and Formations Broken Down

  46: Normal

  4-3: Under

  4-3: Stack

  4-3: Wide 9

  Nickel: Normal

  Dime: Normal

Total Formations: 6
Total Breakdowns:

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Strategy Guide: F.A.Q.

Do these strategy guides work on Mac, Smart Phones, or Tablets? Back to top.

Yes to all three. Each guide is fully optimized to work on Macs, smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Any device that can load an internet web page can use the guide with complete functionality. 

What is the purpose of this guide?
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The purpose of this guide is to make you a better player at Madden NFL 16 whether you play real people, against the CPU, online, or offline. The strategies in this guide are all game-play related, which means they deal with mainly the aspects of play-calling, play-adjustment, and play-execution.

What does this guide consist of?
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This guide mainly consists of Schemes. A Scheme by definition is a "systematic plan of action", and an "orderly combination of related parts". In other words, we define a scheme as two or more plays out of the same formation which we use as a systematic plan of action. We teach you how to adjust it, optimize it, when to switch plays, and how to counter most of the defenses or offenses someone could run against you with it. Above and beyond the play-breakdowns themselves, our voice-over commentary is also packed with tips and tidbits of information that can change the way you view each play and the game itself.

Why buy a "Bundle" package? Back to top.

There are several reasons why it is best to get a Bundle package and why many people get them besides the fact that it ends up being a better deal:

1. You learn about other popular offenses. By simply becoming aware of them you instantly gain an advantage on recognizing these strategies and then stopping them when you encounter them since you know what to expect and what it works or doesn't work against.

2. You can learn more different offensive concepts. In each guide we try to make them unique not only in the plays themselves but in the general strategies that we season into each breakdown. By getting a variety of our guides you will be exposed to countless offensive concepts that you can plug into any offense or playbook.

3. You can become more versatile and can switch playbooks against opponents who you play often. Given that each playbook only has a handful of money plays, people you play often can tend to catch on. By being able to use multiple playbooks you can always keep them on their heels trying to stop your powerful offenses.

4. If you use a custom playbook, you can add all, if not most, of the content from each guide into one playbook and have it all at your fingertips in each game.

Can I use this strategy guide with any team? Why is there a team name? Back to top.

The strategy guides can be used with any team you like and in any game mode. You can pick which playbook you want to use in the advanced options of the team-picking screen. The reason these strategy guides have names of teams such as "Indianapolis" is because we used the offensive playbook that naturally belongs to that team in the game but you can use any team's playbook with any team. The reason we break down team playbooks is for variety. We try to break down what we think are the best and most balanced playbooks in the whole game, that way you can have those great plays at your advantage so that you can be as competitive as possible.

Is this guide for competitive, experienced Madden players or for the casual/newbie gamer?
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The guide is for both. We pride in making tough concepts simple. We also hold our strategy to the highest standards so that they will be essential in very competitive situations. 

Is this the typical "glitch" and "exploit" guide that I always see?
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No. There are no glitches or game-exploitation in any of our products. Everything in our products is consistent with realistic football strategy.

What are some distinctive charactertics of Madden Players' guides?
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1. High quality strategy. Being aware of what the majority of our competitors create, the quality of the strategy that makes it into our products is unparalleled. This includes not only extremely effective strategies but includes presentation, simplicity, comprehensibility, and accessibility.

2. User friendly. Our guides are meant to make the learning process simple, fast, and comfortable. We take extra measures to make sure there are no frustrating or boring moments when it comes to using our guides or learning our strategies. Everything from how accessible our products are to the interface in which you view the strategy, we have your convenience constantly in mind.

3. Reputation. Most people who buy our guides once are permanent and faithful customers every year they play Madden NFL or NCAA Football and are often disappointed when they shop elsewhere. Year after year, we hear from extremely satisfied customers, due to our excellent customer service and the overall experience.

Thanks for checking out our Guide F.A.Q. We hope you found it helpful and informative, and we look forward to serving you as you master this year's game along with us!

If you have any questions about this or anything else, I would love to hear from you! Simply 
e-mail me.

See you on the battle field future Madden Guru!


Founder & Owner
High Quality Madden Strategy

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